Binocular Harness Strap

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The Think Ergo Binocular Harness is an ergonomic strap that keeps your binoculars secure, stable, and close to your chest, allowing you to smoothly glide them up to your eyes in a split second. Its crossback design evenly distributes weight across your back and shoulders, making your load feel lighter. The elastic bands have just enough stretch to absorb shock and move with your body on even your most active adventures. Stopper clips make it easy to adjust where on your torso you'd like the binoculars to rest. Whether you're going birding, hunting, or simply exploring, the Think Ergo Binocular Harness is the perfect companion for your outdoor activities.

  • Durable elastic material absorbs shock and moves with your body
  • Stabilizes binoculars so they don't swing around or get in the way
  • Secure attachments let you quickly slide the binoculars up to your eyes
  • Crossback design evenly distributes weight across back and shoulders
  • Ideal for birding, hunting, photography and more

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