Utility Strap for Cameras, Binoculars

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  • Cushy neoprene padding conforms comfortably to your neck and shoulder
  • Ergonomic design makes your load feel lighter
  • Secure attachment lets you easily glide your binoculars, camera, etc., up the strap
  • Quick-release buckles for speedy detachment
  • Ideal for cameras, binoculars, small bags, pouches and more

The Think Ergo Utility Strap is a multipurpose sling strap that helps you comfortably and securely carry a camera, pair of binoculars, battery pack, small bag, or any other gear you need close by your side. The neoprene padding conforms to your neck and shoulder to absorb shock and lighten your load. The sliding mechanism makes for easy access. There's also a quick-release buckle for fast detachment. Whatever your needs are, the Utility Strap will make carrying your gear more comfortable than ever.


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